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​​Welcome to Eco Amigo mobile car detailing Perth, we bring our convenient mobile service to you. We will be helping you choose the most appropiate detailing service for you, taking into consideration the condition of your vehicle, your budget and your desired outcome. We will also be helping you become a more informed customer as car detailing is a complex area and in most cases misunderstood as a glorified car wash. If you would like to skip reading further you can contact usbook right now or check our car detailing prices.

What Is Car Detailing?

It is the process of taking your car from the present condition into the best condition it can be. This is however an over simplification, as certain damages, wears and tears can not be clean or detailed away. The process of detailing consists of the use of different types of polishes, waxes, cleaning machines, polishing machines, cleaning chemical and techniques.
Detailing would consist of cleaning the obvious such as carpets, seats, dash board and door trims, from there on it can get more involved as the components in the car are numerous and that is something to be discussed with your car detailer as to how thorough do you want to get. Would you want us to clean the seat belt receiver, foot pedals, body oils around steering wheel, around the car seats, gear stick, sun visors, do you want your door jambs spotlessly clean and the plastic wire covers dressed? do you want your paint decontaminated and then polished? would you like a wax applied or a sealant?
As you can see the car cleaning process can be endless, we usually like to get all the details and that's when you can determine how thorough you would like your car detailed based on your budget. All these details add to the main appearance of your vehicle making it pop and will probably wont be able to point a finger as to what is making your car stand out. If you would like to see what people are saying about us check our testimonials otherwise you can go ahead and check our car detailing prices Perth.

Eco Friendly Car Detailing?

Our main products and techniques for exterior car cleaning is of the eco friendly detailing system, there are two main types of techniques  the rinseless car wash and waterless car wash methods. We use a combination of the waterless and rinseless car wash in order to eliminate damage to the car's paint. This techniques are safe if done properly and used in the right condition, not suited for cars covered in mud. The benefit of this new car cleaning system is that it prevents water wastage, chemicals runoff, it can be use where water is not accessible and prevents mess, which makes it suitable for indoor car parks without drainage or if you simply don't want water splatter everywhere. In summary eco friendly car detailing does not compromise in the quality of results yet it gives you more advantages. This eco friendly car cleaning technique can also be used to clean caravans and boats which are midly dirty.
Not Just Car Detailing
Thats right! we actually specialise in caravan polishing and detailing, which is something that we love to do. We go from basic caravan washing to complex fibreglass restoration and caravan polishing to bring back the mirror shine in order to prepare for sale or to preserve and protect the large investement you have made. Nobody likes to see their caravan fade away so contact us to discuss your desired out outcome.
We also are proficient at polishing and detailing boats whether they are on a trailer or in a pen, we will come to you and restore the fibre glass. Boat detailing is much more complex than car detailing as a boats is made up of tougher and more durable materials than cars. My advice to you is to detail your boat on regular basis whether is done by you or a proffesional as wheather induced damage on boats is common and difficult to remove. 

The Eco Amigo Mobile Car Detailing Advantage

As owner of Eco Amigo Mobile car detailing Perth I have also experienced the over-promise, under-deliver together with poor customer service theme which seems to override many areas of our lives. I'm certainly not here to disappoint you, when it comes to detailing I'm committed to complete customer satisfaction as I'm in for the long run.

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