Mobile Boat Detailing & Polishing Perth

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  • Is Your Boat Oxidized and Looking Dull?

    Are You Looking For An Awesome Boat Detailing Service?

    You can trust us to restore your boat’s fiberglass and have it glossy again. You have made and investement and we will help you have your boat looking great again ready for a quick profitable sale or for the next cruise. Having your boat polished and detailed is the best way to maintain your investment.
    Boat detailing is not like car detailing just like car paint is not like gel coat and car interiors are not like boat interiors. The methods of boat cleaning, polishing and waxing are different  than they are for cars. ​Boat detailing is a specialized form of detailing due to the different materials used to build a boat, we are aware of that and we will deliver a satisfactory boat detailing service.

    Boat Detailing Prices Perth:

    Here is where it can get tricky as boats represent many variables with regards to condition, size and the level of detail perfection your expectation require. Don’t stress, simply contact us and we promise to be candid in helping find a solution.
  • Boat Detailing Services

    You can customize your boat detailing package to suit the condition of your boat and your desired outcome. Here are some of the different services we provide
    • Exterior Boat washing
    • Boat polishing and oxidation removal
    • Boat waxing and sealant application
    • Surfaces decontamination
    • General interior boat cleaning
    • Upholstery and carpet cleaning