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Specials This Month:

FREE ENGINE DETAIL with every gold detail package, perfect for pre-sale preparation or to freshen up the whole car.
FREE SEALANT APPLICATION with every platinum package, to give several months protection and keep your paint shinning for longer.

Which of these is for you?

Undoubtedly nobody likes to drive a dirty car or even be seen in it. You love your car, you are too busy and you want it done professionally.

There is something about a clean car that makes you feel good. You want your car restored and looking like new again.

Having your car looking it’s best will prevent appearances to be an obstacle in a sale, give no excuses to low ballers and rather be an encouragement to buy.

You fricking love clean but your children make the car look like a food fight scene and you have no time to keep up with it.

We can most certainly help with the mentioned above. We have packages to suit the condition of your car, your budget and your desired outcome. Please check our car detailing prices below. We can also customised our car detailing packages to suit your needs. We offer mobile car detailing in Perth’s northern & southern suburbs.

Vehicles with heavy duty dirt, beach sand, red dust, water spots, bugs or pet hair will incur and extra charge $30 – $90.

Prices above are starting price as Vehicles with heavy duty dirt, beach sand, red dust, water spots, bugs or pet hair will incur and extra charge $30 – $90.

Custom Services

Headlight Restoration
from $100

Cloudy, scratched headlight lens covers are a safety hazard as well as a blemish on your vehicle. The cloudiness starts at the exterior surface of the lens cover and spreads inward. The good news for you is that this damage is common and fixable.


Restore headlight lenses
Apply sealant, which protects against weather induced damage.

Car Paint Protection
from $260

Car Paint Protection is a technologically advanced sealant. It’s a water based blend of durable waxes and acrylic resins. It forms a transparent and virtually impenetrable glass-like protective barrier for all modern paint finishes against:

  • Weather induced fading
  • Permanent water spots
  • Oxidization
  • Loss of Gloss

Stringently tested to extremes and having undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of climates and environments throughout the world.
Before application of paint protection cars will be washed and decontaminated.

Fleet Detailing

Do You Need To Keep Your Fleet Of Cars Presentable?

We can customise our services to meet your fleet or special event requirements. Our eco friendly products and techniques are used to detail high end cars and are suited for any cars.

Why Choose Eco Amigo Car Detailing Services:

  • We are on time and reliable.
  • Can detail day and night.
  • We used small amount of water, therefore we leave no mess behind.
  • We offer special prices on large amount of vehicles.

Fleet Detailing
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