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Car Paint Protection That Protects And Enhances

You probably are confused and might have these question in mind

  • Does car paint protection works?
  • Does my car need to be protected?

Most certainly car paint protection does work. The problem comes when the person applying the auto paint protection does not prepare the surfaces well and doesn’t follow manufacture instructions. The other problem is when the person selling the car paint protection is dishonest about the life span of the car paint protection. Also not all car paint protection is create equal, they all have different protective properties and durability. Of course we are talking about long term car paint protection here, waxes fall under the category of car paint protection but their life span is much shorter.

It always helps to have you car’s paint protected even if your car is garaged most of the time. It enhances a beautiful glow on the paint and will protect it from accidents that will inevitably happen such as bird poo droppings which will etch at the clear coat, water spots from rain or sprinklers, tree sap and pollution. I detail cars which are garaged most of the time yet they have water spots and some stains. New car paint protection or for used cars is the way to keep your car looking great. If your car is not garaged then car paint protection is a must if you want to preserve the beautiful appearance of your car.

Car Paint Protection We Offer:

Ceramic Paint Protection

  • We use optimum Gloss-Coat which is a ceramic semi-permanent coating with an awesome level of gloss and smoothness, it  provides a protection of 2+ years.
  • Ceramic is known to be a hard material and this paint protection produces a surfaces which is more resistant to swirl marks and it is resistant to harsh chemicals.
  • This ceramic car paint protection produces a superb hydrophobic finish making water bead on the surface for couple of years as if it was just waxed.
  • Dirt does not stick to the surfaces making it much easier to clean and maintain. Your car’s paint stay cleaner in between washes.

Ceramic Car Paint Protection Prices:

This services includes a thorough wash and decontamination of the car’s paint. Polishing is not included.

Cost: From $480 for a new car

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new car paint protection

New Car Paint Protection

Our car paint protection is perfect for new and used cars. However the perfect time to apply a paint protection is when a car is new and the paint is in it’s best condition. The paint protection will lock in the current paint condition it is in.