Car Polishing / Paint Restoration Perth

Are you unhappy with the look of your car’s paint?

Your problem can be scratches on the paint, water stains or oxidation which prevents gloss or a mix of all. You could also just want to turn up a notch the level of gloss of your car. We can certainly help, our car cut and polish and  paint restoration services in Perth is the answer to your desired outcome.

What is Car Polishing?

The over simplification is to buff a scratch or blemish away with the use of a combination of machine, polishing pad and polish suitable for the condition of your car and desired outcome. Car polishing or paint restoration is required to be done when

The Cost will be determined by the condition of your car’s paint.
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Samples of Damaged Paint

The picture below is a sample of what is referred as spider webbing, those fine scratches are cause by improper car washing methods.

The picture below is a sample of what is referred as buffer marks or swirl marks. These scratches above the door handle are caused by improper use of a high speed buffing machine, they can only be removed by the proper use of a buffing machine.