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Is Your Caravan Looking Dull & Want It Looking Like New Again?

Do You Want Your Caravan Protected For Years To Come?

  • Welcome to Eco Amigo caravan detailing Perth where we will be helping you have your caravan look awesome again regardless of it’s condition. We are a well established caravan detailing business and you can trust our talented professionals to produce exceptional results. You have made a large investment in the purchase of your caravan and now you either want to restore it, protect it or have a good return on the sale. Our caravan detailing and caravan cleaning Perth team will certainly have your caravan looking the best it can, ready for the next adventure or for a profitable sale. Furthermore we will go to where your caravan is located as we are a mobile caravan detailing service provider. Here are some of our caravan detailing services:

    • Caravan polishing and fiberglass restoration, bringing back an awesome level of gloss.
    • Long lasting Caravan Paint Protection, protecting your beautiful investment for years to come. 
    • Exterior caravan washing, roof cleaning included.
    • Caravan waxing and sealant application.
    • Upholstery shampooing or steam cleaning.

    Not Just Caravan Cleaning And Caravan Detailing

    We also provide cleaning and detailing services to the different configurations like:
    1. Motor homes
    2. 5th wheelers
    3. Campervans
    4. Camper trailers
    5. Horse trailers
  • Is It Worth Investing In Caravan Paint Protection?

    Let’s make one thing clear, washing and polishing your caravan will not protect it from  oxidation and becoming dull. First of all the purpose of polishing you caravan is to remove oxidation from the surfaces and to restore dull surfaces to a like new condition. On the other hand Caravan paint protection is a coating that acts as a shield and as result your caravan will be protected from becoming dull, from weather induced damage and from staining. In addition it enhances the appearance of you caravan and finally it makes it easier to clean. It is a must, to have some level of protection for your caravan. Most of all to protect it from the inevitable weather induced damage. 

    So lay Back and leave the hard work to us, most of all we specialise in caravan cleaning and caravan detailing and as a result we will have your caravan shinning like a mirror again. 

Caravan Detailing Perth Prices & Services

  • Prices will vary depending on size and condition.
  • GST not included

  • Prices will vary depending on size and condition.
  • GST not included

Why Should You Protect Your Caravan?

  • You have made a large investment and you definitely  don’t want to see you caravan weathered away.
    Protecting your caravan is a must as weather induced damage is inevitable if you don’t.


    Washing your caravan on a regular basis does not actually protect your caravan.
    •It does NOT protect it from the weather.
    •It does NOT protect it from oxidation and sun damage.
    We have the protection your caravan needs. It is specially designed for caravans and it will protect for years

    Weather Induced Damage

    If a caravan is not under cover it will start getting weather damage from around 8 months of being exposed to the environment. The early signs of weather induced damage to caravan surfaces are loss of gloss and chalky surfaces, these condition can easily be fixed by cutting and polishing the caravan surfaces to new like condition. The more advanced stage of damage is when the protective coating of the surface is eaten away by the sun, cutting and polishing will improve this condition but it will not restore the caravan surfaces to new like condition.

  • Preventing Damage

    If your caravan is not under cover there are 3 ways to protect it
    1.  A constant and tedious wax application every 2 to 3 months (if it’s a long lasting wax)
    2. Using a caravan cover
    3. Using our long lasting caravan paint protection system which will protect  for years.

    Lasting Protection

    Our caravan paint protection system has been specially formulated for caravans,
    • It bonds with the surface at a microscopic level forming a durable hydrophobic protective layer
    • Protects from UV rays induced damage
    • It prevents oxidation and chalking caused by exposure to environment
    • It repels dirt making it easy to clean
    • Protects against permanent damaged caused by bird droppings
    • Protects against pollutants

    How To Save Money Using Our Caravan Protection?

    After your caravan starts experiencing weather induced damage and becomes dull and chalky you will need to polish it to restore it’s condition every 1 year to 2 years at the most, this service can cost from $380 up to $600 depending on the size and current condition. The use of this caravan protective system will save you money as it will eliminate
    regular yearly polishing services as the protection will last for years. Purchasing a caravan cover will no longer be required and you will be spared from the hassle of putting it on and off.