caravan detailing perth

Caravan Polishing Perth
Caravan Polishing Perth

NO MATTER HOW DULL, CHALKY or dirty YOUR CARAVAN IS. We will give it a pristine clean & get the wet shine back, guaranteed!

Restore your caravan before it is too late!

Dear caravan owner,

Does your caravan resemble a dull, lifeless version of its former glory? or

Is it not just dirty, but a battleground of bug guts, and stubborn red dust, seemingly glued to every crevice?

Have you attempted to restore the shine yourself?

Only to end up with a sore shoulder and a sense of defeat as it faded away faster than a summer fling.

Let me tell you, you’re not without hope.

Beware of Other Detailers' Short-Lived Shine

Slap on some polish, fire up the buffer, and call it a day – that’s the tired routine of many caravan detailers.

They’ll offer some shine, but it fades as quickly as yesterday’s headlines.

As they don’t deeply remove oxidation.

Now, don’t misunderstand me; any shine is better than none.

But if you’re after a longer lasting shine, you need more than just a surface-level polish. 


Caravan Detailing Perth - Before and After
Caravan Detailing Perth - Before and After

Get a sexier and longer lasting shine on your caravan!

If you want more bang for your buck.

You need our signature system of deep, gauged oxidation removal in combination with the right way of wax application.

We will gauge oxidation levels on your caravan, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for a durable wet shine finish.

mobile caravan detailing perth
mobile caravan detailing perth

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Thorough Exterior caravan Cleaning.

Even if your caravan is covered in red dust, mould or road grime.

Our meticulous cleaning service makes your caravan look immaculate again. 

Our standard exterior caravan cleaning service includes:

  • Scrubbing the roof.
  • Cleaning the stubborn bugs from the front.
  • Safely cleaning the ingrained dirt and red dust from the silicon joints.
  • Cleaning the underbody, if required.
  • Cleaning the awning.
  • Deeply cleaning the wheels, tyres and wheel wells.

Starting from $250

caravan detailers Perth
caravan detailers Perth
Caravan Detailer Perth


Restoring your caravan’s shine is an investment in preserving its beauty and resale value. 

Our caravan detailing service excels in deep oxidation removal, restoring a wet shine and mirror-like clarity. 

Unlike other caravan detailers, we prioritize quality over shortcuts, ensuring long-lasting results. 

The benefits of our service are clear:

  • a restored wet shine look . 
  • effortless cleaning.
  • added market value
  • and longevity and protection to preserve your caravan’s shine.

Price is determined by size & condition

Caravan Detailer Perth

Caravan ceramic coating

Did you know that caravans aren’t designed to withstand the harsh UV rays and weather conditions continuously? 

So, they fade and lose gloss quickly.

Also, restoring some caravans, including some anodised-aluminium caravans, is impossible when they fade past a certain point.

Our caravan ceramic coating creates a barrier that protects your caravan against harsh weather.

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