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2 Reasons Why Polishing Your Caravan Doesn’t Last

Is Your Caravan in Lockdown? Perfect Time to Get the Wet Shine Look Back..
Learn the 2 Reasons Why Polishing Your Caravan Doesn’t Last. (and What to Do About It)

So you have spent several hours sweating..
Wearing out your shoulder polishing your caravan to only see its glamorous shine last few weeks or a couple of months.

Did something go wrong? or Do you have to go through the same painful process all over again?

Truth is..
Something wasn’t done right..

REASON 1: The wrong choice of tools and products were used..
Polishing your caravan by hand is ONLY effective when there is light oxidation.

Polish is not aggressive enough to cut through moderate to heavy oxidation and doing it by hand does not produce enough and constant force to cut through it either.

What is the right combination? and how do you determine the level of oxidation? you ask.
An indication of LIGHT OXIDATION is when you look at a panel from the side and you see some gloss although it has some light haziness and cloudiness over it.

You can take this is on by using a polish and some elbow grease. Although using a dual-action buffer together with a light cut foam pad would make this process much faster, effective and would save your shoulder.

MODERATE OXIDATION is indicated when there is still some gloss but the cloudiness is more apparent.

This is dealt with by doing a LIGHT cut and polish. A light cut can be done by using a rotary buffer together with a foam pad or wool pad.

First, polish a small area and then use some isopropyl or wax remover to wipe the polished area. This process will reveal the actual condition of the polished area as it removes any lubricants left from the polish which can make things look glossier than they really are. This step is not done by many detailers.

If all the cloudiness is gone proceed to polish. If not, repeat cutting step and then check again.

HEAVY OXIDATION is easy to spot because there is no gloss and the surface will be dull and chalky.

This is fixed by using a rotary buffer, wool pad and cutting compound. To determine how much cutting needs to be done, cut an area and then wipe off with a wax remover to see if there is any cloudiness. Repeat this step until there is no more cloudiness and then proceed to polish.

Any caravan/motorhome that is exposed to the weather 24/7 without any protection will begin to fade progressively and stealthily until it gets past a point of no return.
You must protect your caravan before it starts oxidising and fading so you can enjoy the wet-look shine on your caravan for much longer. There are different options of protections which are suited to different lifestyles.

A CARAVAN COVER is suitable for those people who are self-motivated and full of energy because they can push through the hassle of putting on and off a cover regularly.
WAXING regularly is suitable for the DIYers who enjoy being active and don’t mind waxing monthly.

A DURABLE CERAMIC COATING is suitable for sophisticated busy people who appreciate the true value and love the peace of mind that their caravans will be protected 24/7 for years.
If you think that polishing your caravan is as exciting as weeding your garden on a hot day, we can do it for you.

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