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caravan ceramic coating perth


Discover how our revolutionary ceramic coating system is different to the rest!

Caravan ceramic coating


Attention new caravan owner,

Your new caravan is finally here—and it looks awesome!

Did you know that the harsh conditions in Australia can wreak Havoc on your Brand-new Caravan, causing significant damage, within the first few months of use?

Don’t worry, we have just the right solution to help you preserve its pristine looks without you breaking a sweat. 

No more spending your weekends cleaning and battling with bug smudges, red dust and road grime. 

No more fearing the elements, the bleaching Aussie sun.

But, before we unveil the ultimate solution, let’s uncover: 

3 overlooked ISSUES THAT will jeopardise YOUR CARAVAN’S NEW LOOK

1. the ironic misconception

all caravans must be protected, no matter what

Caravans are no match to the ruthless Australian weather, no matter the price tag.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Australia has one of the highest levels of UV exposure. 

The elements are relentless, gradually gnawing away at the exterior of your beloved investment.

As soon as your caravan leaves the showroom it will fall victim to insidious oxidation.

Oxidation creeps up silently, disguising its effects until one day, you’re left wondering why your beloved RV lacks its former shine. 

But there is hope.

There is a solution that can protect your investment.

2. the industry shocking truth!

oxidation affects even brand new caravans

Did you know that the panels of your caravan are prefabricated long before it’s even built?

Surprisingly, during that period, those prefab panels get oxidized due to the corrosion of time and the elements.

To achieve remarkable results with any Ceramic Coating, oxidation must be eliminated.

However, many applicators overlook this vital step, maybe unaware of its significance.

But here’s the undeniable truth: neglecting oxidation removal leads to a feeble bond, lackluster performance, and an untimely demise for your prized coating.

Don’t just take our word for it. See it for yourself!

The top pictures showcase the telltale haze of mild oxidation, while the ones below reveal the stunning clarity achieved after our meticulous oxidation removal process.

3. another common blunder

applicator expertise is critical for a succesful coating

Taking shortcuts and not preparing the surfaces correctly prior to applying a ceramic coating can increase the chances of its premature failure.

Now, I’ll let Stan Hayes do the talking,

“I NEVER did get a satisfactory Result……….I could not be more Happy and appreciate the Professional Job done By Ed”


what in the world is a ceramic coating?!

Ceramic coating is the sunblock of the caravan world.

Just like sunscreen protects your skin, ceramic coating shields your investment from the harsh elements.

But hold on tight because this coating is tougher than Chuck Norris and more enduring than the Energizer Bunny.

uncensored truth "Lies you've been sold" about ceramic coatings & warranties

are ceramic coatings worth it?

Ceramic coatings are like a shield of awesomeness for your caravan.

They protect, make washing a breeze, and give that stunning gloss that turns heads.

But they’re not invincible and won’t grant your caravan the mystical powers of eternal life, like many people claim.

They won’t repel every scratch or stone chip and they certainly won’t last forever.

So, here’s our honest take. 

Durability depends on:

  • The coating quality (we’ve got you covered), 
  • Prep work (think oxidation removal and a thorough wash), 
  • Caravan material (it matters, trust us), and 
  • A little TLC from you.
Rv paint protection

how long can a ceramic coating last on a caravan?

In my line of work, polishing and detailing caravans day in and day out for years, I’ve seen some of those flashy coatings fade away faster than a fleeting summer romance.

It’s as if they pulled a Houdini act on their customers, leaving them wondering what happened to all that promised longevity.

Even caravan manufacturers don’t have the guts to slap on a 10-year or lifetime warranty on their caravans.

So, let’s be real here. 

When a ceramic coating claims to outlast the caravans themselves, it’s like expecting a unicorn to deliver your morning coffee—sounds dreamy, but we know it’s just not happening.


The durability of a ceramic coating is directly influenced by the quality of the substrate material, and this principle holds true like the laws of gravity and other natural laws.

Here are some estimated durations for ceramic coatings:

  • A caravan made of aluminium with a high-quality paint job and proper preparation before coating, can potentially last up to 5 years or even longer with proper maintenance.

  • For a gelcoat or anodised aluminium caravan, the ceramic coating can typically last up to 2 years or slightly more if maintained properly.

It’s crucial to note that these estimates may vary based on individual circumstances and factors such as maintenance practices.


Our tough marine-grade ceramic coating is among the best, but the real magic is in the preparation that goes behind the coating. 

We provide a thorough surface preparation, going beyond a simple wash.

This crucial step ensures that your caravan’s surface is properly primed and ready for the meticulous application of our tough marine-grade ceramic coating.

5 fantastic benefits of eco amigo signature ceramic coating

  • Like a shield of armor, it protects your caravan from the wrath of the elements while parked and in motion.
  • Preserve your caravan’s showroom shine and bid farewell to dullness and chalky appearances caused by oxidation.
  • Effortless dirt removal, no more battles against bugs and road grime.
  • Keeping your caravan in tip top condition, it increases the resale value.
  • Eliminates the need for polishing and waxing.
ceramic coating caravan

exclusive 24-month guarantee

We offer a 24 months of unrivaled protection for your caravan. 

If, by any chance, you encounter any issues during this period, we will provide complimentary touch-ups and reapplications to ensure your complete satisfaction.

But wait, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

We want to ensure this guarantee is a perfect fit for your caravan.

There are 4 crucial factors to consider:

new caravan ultimate package

$2550 +GST

This all-inclusive package is designed to provide unparalleled protection for your new caravan, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its stunning appearance. 

With our 24-month guarantee, you can have complete peace of mind.

Our meticulous process begins with:

A thorough exterior clean: eliminating any dirt or contaminants that could compromise the effectiveness of the coating.

Expert machine polishing: we then take it a step further with our machine polishing, which not only enhances the overall shine but also eliminates any signs of mild oxidation, setting us apart from the competition.

Meticulous Application: To ensure a flawless finish, we meticulously apply the ceramic coating, utilizing our expertise to ensure every inch of your caravan is protected against the elements.

But that’s not all.

As a bonus, we offer you two additional value-added services.

Bonus Offer 1 (valued at $350): With our Interior Upholstery Protection, your caravan’s upholstery will be shielded against spills, stains, and fading, keeping it in pristine condition throughout your adventures.

Bonus Offer 2 (valued at $150): And to simplify your cleaning routine, we’ll apply a specialized coating to your shower door, making it resistant to water spots, soap scum, and mineral deposits.

The standard package

$1550 +GST

This is the most commonly service offered at the dealership without the high mark ups, includes the following:

Thorough exterior clean: ensuring the removal of all dirt that might compromise the coating’s effectiveness.

Meticulous Ceramic Coating Application: The highlight of our service lies in the meticulous application of the ceramic coating itself.