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Eco Amigo Car Detailing Perth

Dull & Faded Car Paint? We Can Get the That Glossy Shine Back on Your Car. Guaranteed Results.

The Western Australian sun will have no mercy on your car’s paint. Extreme heat and weather conditions will put an end to that glossy shine you’ll start to notice less reflection, faded colors, or even cracks. BUT you can still do something about it.

Give us a call to learn how our paint protection can keep that glossy shine last longer.

Exterior Car Detailing - 4WD - Car Detailing Perth - Eco Amigo

Exterior Cleaning

been 4wding through mud, dirt, sand lately? try our exterior detailing

Give that bad boy a nice shower and make it look fresh and clean again. 4wding is one of these sports that you can never get sick off, so much fun and excitement.

But Aye! The lime, mud and dirt that stays on your car after 4wding can damage your car’s paint if not cleaned as soon as possible? We recommend an exterior detailing session to keep your paint jab protected.

Starting from $90

Exterior Car Detailing - 4WD - Car Detailing Perth - Eco Amigo
Interior Car Detailing Perth - Eco Amigo

Exterior Cleaning

Need the Interior of Your Car Cleaned?

Getting your interior cleaned can be a tuff job, especially when you haven’t got your car cleaned for a while, but that’s why we’re here to help.

Our interior detailing sessions will including vaccuming, steam cleaning your seats, shampoo/steam clean seats, dressing vinyl & plastics, to bring back tired surfaces, applying wax which will add a deep warm glow and up to 5 months protection and more.

Starting from $210

Exterior Car Detailing Perth Results

want your interior & exterior done?

Do you want your car to look immaculate again? This why not book one of our interior & exterior detailing session.

What’s included?
Pretty much everything from basic cleaning, steaming, waxing your interior vinyl and plastics, to washing, light machine polishing and  waxing your car to bring back it’s glossy clean shine again.

Starting from $320

Exterior Car Detailing Perth Results
Fleet Care - Fleet Detailing - Car Detailing Perth

Ofcourse We Can Do Fleet Detailing

Are you a company that has a fleet of cars that need to be cleaned and detailed on a regular basis due to the nature of your industry?

Eco Amigo is happy to help you maintain your fleet. Frequent detailing sessions can be arranged to make sure your cars are protected all the time from weather and the worksites it operates in such as mining, construction, farming and more.

learn how to take care of your Cars


From basic car detailing to waxing, polishing and paint protection and more. We offer it all, get in touch today to get a FREE quote.


Get your Boat’s paint job protected from the harsh sea conditions with our Boat detailing service in Perth.


A complete caravan detailing service that keeps your caravan’s paint protected, shiny and shielded from red dust and weather conditions.