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Airplane Detailing - Eco Amigo

Yes! We Also Do Airplane Detailing and More

Eco Amigo is always keen to work on special projects. Our team can are specialise to work on different types of vehicles that require special attention to details.

If you have an private jet, a farming plane, or a small aircraft that you use for tourism. Then we are happy to help you get your detail job done.

Truck Detailing Eco Amigo

Keep Your Truck Fleet in Good Shape.

Trucks travel thousands of miles every month to keep the flow of products moving between states. Because they go through lots of different environments, and get exposed to different weather conditions, this can impact and cause slow damage to the exterior of your truck.

At Eco Amigo, we encourage you to keep your trucks clean
and protected all the time by doing frequent paint protection and detailing sessions.

Truck Detailing Eco Amigo

Learn about detailing


From basic car detailing to waxing, polishing and paint protection and more. We offer it all, get in touch today to get a FREE quote.


Get your Boat’s paint job protected from the harsh sea conditions with our Boat detailing service in Perth.


A complete caravan detailing service that keeps your caravan’s paint protected, shiny and shielded from red dust and weather conditions.