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boat detailing Perth

No matter how dull or chalky your boat is. We will get the wet shine finish back, guaranteed!

Bring Your Boat Back to Life with Our Expert Boat Detailing Services

hey there boat lover!

Say Goodbye to Dull and Chalky Surfaces, Hello to a Stunning Boat!

get a longer lasting shine.

NOT a shine that will only last few weeks..

Gelcoat, a porous material.

It harbors deep-seated oxidation that plagues your boat’s shine. 

To make matters worse, as gelcoat endures weather damage, its pores expand, accelerating the frustrating cycle of dulling.

But fear not! We’re not like other detailers who settle for a quick cut and polish, offering a fleeting shine. 

Our focus is on deep oxidation removal, to give your boat a longer lasting wet shine look. 


mobile boat detailing perth
mobile boat detailing perth

we make dark colored hulls look like a mirror

Have you tried polishing your dark coloured hull for the shine to only last couple of days?

Dark coloured hulls need precision oxidation removal.

Every inch of the oxidised hull must be deeply and meticulously restored in order to get an even mirror gloss finish that will actually last.

We have expertise and we can make your dark hull replace your bathroom mirror.

boat polishing perth
Boat detailing perth
Boat detailing perth
boat cleaning Perth

here is what some people say about our boat detailing services:

boat detailing review
boat detailing review
boat detailing review
boat detailing review

boat detailing perth services:

polishing & restoration:

Having your boat polished is like giving it a magical makeover that’ll make heads turn and jaws drop. 

Not only will it bring back that showroom shine, but it’ll also make washing a breeze and will add significant value, especially if you’re planning to sell it.

Beware of boat detailers who take shortcuts in the polishing process

They often neglect to deeply remove oxidation and leave your boat with unsightly swirl marks.

The result? A short-lived or uneven shine that becomes glaringly obvious when the sun hits your boat.

But not us. We take pride in our meticulous approach, going deep to banish oxidation and bring back a shine that will last longer.


marine ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is the sunblock of the boat world.

Just like sunscreen protects your skin, ceramic coating shields your investment from the harsh elements.

A marine grade ceramic coating is tougher than Chuck Norris and more enduring than the Energizer Bunny.

  • Like a shield of armor, it protects your boat from the wrath of the elements preserving the shine for longer.
  • Effortless dirt removal, makes washing much easier.
  • Keeping your boat in tip top condition, it increases the resale value.
  • Eliminates the need for polishing and waxing


boat detailing

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